Charmer "Charmer" cassette
Temporal Records

Charmer "Charmer" cassette

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Temporal Records

Format: Cassette
First Edition: 50 copies

Track Listing:
A1 - Bummer Summer
A2 - Roy's Our Boy
A3 - Nurse Joy
A4 - Floral
A5 - Death By Red Eye
B1 - Topanga Lawrence
B2 - Starship Tina
B3 - Pretty Over College
B4 - Split Plate
B5 - Garden State, Like The 
Zach Braff Movie

Engineered and mixed by Jake Ewald at The Metal Shop
Mastered by Ian Farmer at The Metal Shop
Photography by David Daignault
Layout design by Nicholas Erickson at Repeater Press

Guitar / Vocals - David Daignault
Guitar / Vocals - Neil Berg
Drums - Nicholas Erickson
Bass - Jacob Leyba

Emo has been an under-appreciated and dwindling genre for sometime now. As someone that went through their teen years listening to The Juliana Theory, Dashboard Confessional and Armor For Sleep I’m always searching for a band to give me those same melancholy feelings from my youth with the same sound. Enter Charmer and their self titled album. The four midwesterners have created 22 minutes of nostalgia-inducing music that blends math rock, emo and indie in a way that I didn’t think was possible.

The intro track “Bummer Summer” can be felt just by the title alone. Charmer puts their hearts on the table lyrically and gets the ball rolling on the mood and vibe. Throughout the album listeners get to enjoy raspy and somber vocals that are mastered in with progressive and harmonizing guitar riffs. Each track smoothly transitions into the next and compliment each other. But not every song is slow and mellow, Charmer throws a little more aggression, energy and pop punk into the album with the song “Starship Tina.”

Towards the close of the album the band enticed me even more with the inclusion of a subtle trumpet in “Pretty Over College.” Each note from the added instrument is gentle and not overpowering yet still moving. My favorite of the 10 songs is the conclusion track “Garden State, Like The Zach Braff Movie.” Charmer leaves a lasting impression with raw, phlegmy and echoey vocals that you would normally find only in live acoustic studio sessions.

I can honestly say I don’t have one complaint about this album. For this type of style and genre the time length is just right leaving little to no room for writing repetition. Charmer have successfully fused together that emo sound from the 90’s/2000’s with today’s indie which created something special that I wish existed more in the industry. Hopefully their music inspires others to genre blend more and individualize their own sound.

- Alleen Hughes (